Creating Audio Books (MP3 files)

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Many of our books could be voice recorded as MP3 audio files for our listening audience to download.

Basically, find a book you would like to read, setup a microphone and a recording program on your computer. Read the book to the computer for it to create a MP3 file.

Windows Vista and XP come with a program called Sound Recorder. Sound Recorder does not save files as MP3's. You will need to find a recording program. You can download and use Free Sound Recorder from CNET at

Here is the link to the Free Sound Recorder page.

When you create the recording ensure that you are saving the file as a MP3.

Do this in a quiet room that does not echo. Make a few practice files and listen to them to get the right distance from the Microphone and to ensure that there is little background noise and echo. Strive for clarity, many of our listeners will be using them in a car or other noisy environment.

Listen to a couple of the book audio recordings we have available to get an idea of what we are looking for.

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