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The Tefillah

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The Tefillah or Amidah

'O Lord, open my lips that my mouth may utter your praise.' (Psalm 51:17)

You are praised, Lord our God and God of our ancestors,
God of Abraham, God of Isaac, and God of Jacob,
great, mighty, and awesome God, God Most High,
who bestows loving-kindness and creates all things;
who remembers the gracious deeds of our ancestors
and lovingly brings a redeemer to their descendants
for His name's sake.
King, Helper, Savior, and Shield!
You are praised, O Lord, Shield of Abraham.


You are eternally powerful, O Lord,
Reviver of the dead, mighty to save.
(In the rainy season: 'You cause the wind to blow and the rain to fall.')
In loving-kindness You sustain the living,
In abundant mercy You revive the dead.
You support the fallen and heal the sick,
release the captive and keep faith with those who sleep in the dust.
Who is like You, Lord of power,
and who may be compared to You,
King who brings death and restores life,
and causes salvation to sprout.
You are faithful to revive the dead.
You are praised, O Lord, who revives the dead.


You are holy,
your Name is holy,
and holy beings daily praise You to eternity.
You are praised, O Lord, holy God.


You graciously endow humans with knowledge
and teach mortals understanding.
Favor us with knowledge, understanding, and discernment.
You are praised, O Lord, Bestower of knowledge.


Restore us, our Father, to Your Torah;
bring us near, our King, to your service;
cause us to return to You in perfect repentance.
You are praised, O Lord, who desires repentance.


Forgive us, our Father, for we have sinned;
pardon us, our King, for we have transgressed—
for You are a forgiving and pardoning God.
You are praised, O Lord, Gracious One who pardons abundantly.


Behold our affliction,
champion our cause,
and speedily redeem us for Your name's sake,
for You are a powerful Redeemer.
You are praised, O Lord, Redeemer of Israel.


Heal us, O Lord, and we shall be healed;
save us and we shall be saved,
for You are our glory.
Grant perfect healing to all our afflictions,
for You are God, King, faithful and merciful Healer.
You are praised, O Lord, Healer of the sick among Your people Israel.


Bless for us, O Lord, this [agricultural] year
and its every kind of produce for abundance;
send (in the rainy season: 'dew and rain for') a blessing upon the earth,
satisfy us with your good bounty,
and bless our years like the good years [past].
You are praised, O Lord, who blesses years [with bounty].


Blow the great shofar for our freedom,
raise a banner for the ingathering of our exiles,
and gather us together from the four corners of the earth.
Be praised, O Lord, who gathers together the dispersed of His people Israel.


Restore our judges as of old,
our councilors as in the beginning;
remove from us grief and sighing;
reign over us, O Lord, Yourself alone,
in loyalty and compassion,
and vindicate us in judgement.
You are praised, O Lord, King, who delights in just judgement.


May there be no hope for slanderers (or, 'informers')
and may all evil be destroyed in an instant;
may your enemies soon perish.
Uproot and blast the insolent,
speedily overthrow and humble them.
You are praised, O Lord, who destroys enemies and humbles the insolent.


Lord our God, may your mercies overflow
upon the righteous and the pious,
upon the leaders of your people Israel
and the remnant of its sages,
upon righteous converts and upon us.
Grant a good reward to all who faithfully trust in Your name;
may our lot be among them!
May we never be put to shame,
for we put our trust in You.
You are praised, O Lord, Stay and Trust of the righteous.


Return in compassion to Your city Jerusalem,
dwell in its midst as You have promised,
and rebuild it soon for all time.
Restore the throne of David to its midst.
You are praised, O Lord, Builder of Jerusalem.


Speedily cause the shoot of David to sprout;
exalt his horn through Your salvation;
for your salvation do we hope all the day.
You are praised, O Lord, who causes the horn of salvation to sprout.


Hear our cry, Lord our God,
have compassion for us,
and accept our prayers in mercy and favor,
for You heed Your people Israel's prayer in mercy.
You are praised, O Lord, who heeds prayer.


Look with favor, Lord our God, on your people Israel and their prayer;
restore the sacrificial worship to the altar of your Temple;
accept with favor and love Israel's offerings and prayer,
and may your people Israel's worship always find favor in Your sight.
May our eyes behold Your merciful return to Zion.
You are praised, O Lord, who returns His Presence to Zion.


We gratefully acknowledge that You, O Lord, are our God and the God of our ancestors forever,
You are the Rock of our life, the Shield of our deliverance in every generation.
We will thank You and declare Your praises
for our lives which are in Your hands,
for our souls which are in Your keeping,
for the miracles which You perform for us every day,
and for the wonders and bounties which You bestow on us at all times—
morning, noon, and night.
You are good; your mercies never fail.
You are compassionate; your lovingkindness never ceases.
You have always been our hope.
For all these things, our King, may Your name be eternally praised and exalted!
May all living things acknowledge You forever;
may they faithfully praise Your name,
O God, our eternal Redeemer and Helper.
You are praised, O Lord, Beneficent One, to whom all thanks are due.


Grant peace, bounty, blessing, grace, mercy, and compassion to us
and to all your people Israel.
Bless all of us together, our Father, with the light of Your countenance.
For by the light of your countenance, Lord our God, have You granted us a Torah of life, lovingkindness, charity, blessing, compassion, life, and peace.
May it please You to bless Your people Israel with peace at all times.
You are praised, O Lord, who blesses His people Israel with peace.