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Let us all unite and pray with all our hearts for the sake of this country. So much demonic influences around our government... from the killing of babies in the womb to removing God from all government structures, monies, etc... Let us remember how this great country was founded... with God at the head.. trusting in Him... in our Declaration. This is what made our country great and with so many blessings. So much so that we have taken it for granted. We have forgotten WHO gave us these blessings and so now little by little they are starting to deminish.

Our future is our youth. May we especially pray for them so that they can grow with morals and correct judgement. May excell in their studies and become future leaders and innovators of science, medicine. May they make good husbands and wives and raise their children likewise and and above all, may they may be kind and generous to those in need. This is what makes America great among nations but it starts with belief in God... may they never lose sight of that.

Let us pray and gather together - one voice pleading upwards toward the Lord to ask once again for His mercy and love and to bless us. Let us demand good morals from TV, Hollywood, papers.. our whole mindset has to change.. we need to turn back to God and teach all whom we meet to do likewise... even those in church.

Let us beg the Lord's blessing so we can once again become the nation that we were.

Dear Lord,

Please guide President Obama, make him wise, surround him with wise people who will act ONLY for the interest of our country, for it's citizens but more importantly for LIFE.

Help him to build up the morality of and the respect for this country by always placing You first above all things. Be our true leader, Lord because it is only with You that we will indeed become a great nation. In Jesus' Name we pray, Amen



We also should remember those areas of our nation that are hit with disasters such as earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, floods. These things affect everyone (farmers, travel, economy, etc)

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Pray for this nation

Pray for the USA for we have strayed far away from God. This nation was founded on Godly princples. This is the most wonderful nation on earth but we have strayed so far away from God that he will have to apologize to Sodom and Gommora if we don't change and give him the honor and glory that is rightfuly His and thank Him for all the blessings and protection He has
bestowed on us. His gospel should go out from this nation to all the nations of the world with force and without apology. I am not ashamed of Jesus and his gospel. He is my Savior and there is none other name by which we can be saved and come unto the Father.If you don't know Him ,now is the time,Amen
Thanks and God bless all, Gary