The Easter Bunny and other secular/pagan Easter practices

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Just who is this Easter Bunny? Where did he come from? How did he get into Christ's resurrection? Should Christian's participate? What other secular/pagan Easter practices are in Christ's Resurrection? For discussions on the Resurrection of Christ then please use the Passover thread.

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The True Significance of those scriptures

JStaller said - Do the scriptures command us to rise early with the sunrise? No--but the scriptures tell us that Jesus' resurrection was discovered with the sunrise. Hard to see anything wrong with remembering that on Easter.

Doesn't it make you wonder, though, why Christ did not institute an Easter service? Doesn't it leave you a bit curious why this event was ignored with regard to celebration? Could it be that the Lord wanted to emphasize the significance of the event rather than the event itself? Plenty is said in scripture about the resurrection of Christ and what it means to the believer. Nothing is said about celebrating the event on Easter. Why is that? Is man better equipped to formulate a plan of redemption than God Himself? How silly. Perhaps this is a place that Romans 14 can be applied. Hopefully those who celebrate Easter do so unto the Lord and are not being led to substitute works for faith or to honor creation above the Creator.

You listed Mark 16:2-6 among your scriptures apparently as an example of finding the risen Lord at sunrise. Let's not forget the significance of this passage. The only reason the risen Lord was discovered early Sunday morning at sunrise is because the women had come to embalm His body. They were most eager to perform this task, especially for their beloved Lord. But they had postponed it until after the Sabbath so that they might observe the commandment to rest. But as soon as the Sabbath was over and daylight permitted they set out to complete their work of embalming the Lord's body. Of course, we know what transpired at that point and that they never had opportunity to do so. Here we have in this scripture passage a perfect example of the disciples of our Lord honoring the Sabbath day with absolutely no intent of honoring the Sunday. Yet, what lesson do men take away from this verse? They ignore the obvious custom and fashion a tradition of their own concoction. So rather than making the case for Easter sunrise service you have established the custom of Sabbath observance after the death of Christ and after the New Covenant has been sealed by His death and ratified by His blood.

Then you conclude that it is "Hard to see anything wrong with remembering that on Easter." Remembering what? That the disciples of Christ observed the Sabbath day according to the direct command of God, or that men have made a tradition of something never enjoined upon us by our Lord? The commandment says to "Remember the Sabbath day" but nowhere can be found the command to remember Sunday Easter sunrise service. Doesn't that leave you just a bit curious as to who established Easter and who is being honored?

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