The Easter Bunny and other secular/pagan Easter practices

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Just who is this Easter Bunny? Where did he come from? How did he get into Christ's resurrection? Should Christian's participate? What other secular/pagan Easter practices are in Christ's Resurrection? For discussions on the Resurrection of Christ then please use the Passover thread.


...Crucified their victims centuries before Christ; does that mean when we acknowledge Christ's crucifixion, we are engaged in pagan practices? The Jewish temple layout is VERY similar to early Caananite temples, and other contemporary cultures sacrificed animals. Do we therefore conclude that the Jewish animal sacrifices were... well, you see where I'm going.

Symbolic acts change with context, so while I'm fairly sure that at some point in history groups of pagans met to worship the sun at dawn, I'm still willing to grant Christians who want to greet the resurrected and restored world order on Easter Sunday the benefit of the doubt.

Sorry for the short answer--my answers are getting short, lately.

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