The Easter Bunny and other secular/pagan Easter practices

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Just who is this Easter Bunny? Where did he come from? How did he get into Christ's resurrection? Should Christian's participate? What other secular/pagan Easter practices are in Christ's Resurrection? For discussions on the Resurrection of Christ then please use the Passover thread.

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Easter Bunny


I agree with NotStMark, Its all about business
I am amazed by all the marketing ploys for us
to buy more useless junk.

Since I am so sick--even Christmas is going to
be rather skimpy. The boys are rather upset
about not getting more "junk". I am trying
to impress on them that there is more to life
than making someone else rich. That Christmas
is about our Savior and Easter is also about
our Savior even tho' we don't really know
when he was born or died. We can only estimate on
both. There is more to life than stuff.

I am looking at my own possessions. I don't
want Robert stuck with alot of my junk so I
am seriously downsizing. The doctors can only
give me a time frame only God knows how many
days; months I have left. He is the director
of my steps.

For whoever reads this don't ignore your body.
Cancer is attacking all my vital organs. I am
looking at a approx. 8 hour surgery on Tuesday.
I was supposed to have had it last Thursday however
they found cancer in my bladder and had to get
a plastic surgeon on board to do his work. On a
lighter note I am hoping that he can do a
tummy tuck. LOL

I know God is in control and that he is always
with me and gives me His strength and peace to
get through. And praise Him I still have my
sense of humor and when I can make the doctors
nurses and the other patients laugh then I praise
God to give them a little joy.

I do praise my Creator for what is going on in
my body. Its one more way to share the
good news of Jesus. If I can encourge and give
hope to one person then I did what I am suppossed
to do.

I am hoping this makes some sense. I am on some
powerful pain killers and sometimes my thoughts
are twisted. At least I'm not hallucinating don't
know if that is a good thing or bad thing.

My family laughs when I am on something that makes
me hallucinate. At least I can make family and
friends laugh and that is a good thing.

God Bless and Peace,
May God Shine thru You,

tobie (tj)