The challenge the Judaeo-Christian tradition poses tto the Modern Science, and the challenge it faces from it

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During the last three centuries, Natural and Human Sciences have provided the most substantial and convincing arguments against the Judaeo-Christian Revelation and Theology. Starting with Pierre-Simon Lapalce's famous aphorism, "I do not need this hypothesis", Science has not only reclaimed its full independence of the Judaeo-Christian tradition, but has openly contested its relevance to the understanding of the world and providing the guidance to use this understanding for the greater good of the human destiny, personal and common.
To this end, Laplace, Darwin, Marx, Freud, and many others have introduced some new and fundamental principles postulating the functioning, respectively, of the universe, of the biological life, of the human society, of the human personality, etc.
It is well known that the development of Science and the modern historical challenges to the very existence of humanity due to the vigorous, if not fanatical applications of these principles, have demonstrated either their irrelevance to, or their fallacious, provocative misinterpretation of the nature, be it cosmos, human being or human society.
And vice versa, the same developments have demonstrated to the much greater degree that anybody could imagine three hundred years ago the value of the Judaeo-Christian tradition for the understanding of the world and providing the guidance to the humanity.

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