The Shack by William P. Young

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The Shack by William P. Young was a fun read. I have read some pretty interesting blogs that pretty much pump the book up to extra-biblical elevation in revelation. Im curious about any opinions from this respected arena. I'd kinda like to recommend it to friends who have a small view of God, but after all the blogs I've read, i became skeptical.

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Not my style

The Shack seems to be popular with many people except me. I found the book uninteresting, boring and out of touch with God. I find God closer in nature, among the trees, ocean, sky, friendly eyes, animals than I did within the words of this book.
There are many, many other books of quality, especially the Bible, where one could become close to God and the understanding of his love.
I sold my copy on ebay, where it sold quickly. Go figure, I suppose.