The Shack by William P. Young

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The Shack by William P. Young was a fun read. I have read some pretty interesting blogs that pretty much pump the book up to extra-biblical elevation in revelation. Im curious about any opinions from this respected arena. I'd kinda like to recommend it to friends who have a small view of God, but after all the blogs I've read, i became skeptical.

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The Shack was so positive for me

Crazy or not, The Shack moved me. I have always had a time believing in the fact where Christians use the word Church as it was the God. It is just a house, same as we all live in. I had problems with why would God let wars happen and murders of so many innocent people, why God lets people starve, live in pain and sorrow, pain of cancer and sicknesses, deaths in accidents, why god lets people marry with promises till death do we part yet it turns into a Hell Home. People make comments that he lets some die as it is part of a plan but if someone lives through an accident it is suppose to be a miracle. My heart has always felt God didn't touch neither. I believed it was just the 'split second of time' that caused a death or not the death. It just happens.

I grew up knowing God has to be so loving that a horrible murder he would not let happen but the world just gets more like Hell everyday - WHY?? As I grow older I started wondering if there really is a GOD. My faith started giving me negative feelings. Maybe we are just here and we go and it is the end.

My sister-in-law handed the SHACK book to me. I hate to read but she smiled and said this will help. If something was ever meant to be this was.

It melted into my heart and soul and brought out all my faith and beliefs that I knew was right.

We the people make all this good/bad stuff happen. We the people yell and scream at each other. Adam screwed up when God wanted the world as a heaven. God said people take this world and choose your heaven or hell.

Us people fight, kill, take drugs and use alcohol, gamble, lay in the streets, have filthy homes spreading germs to the families, abuse kids, rape kids and adults, prostitue, more parents let their kids rule their lives rather than teaching them and punishing for the wrongs. It goes on and on but GOD lets us human beings make all these choices. So even though there is a "good kid who is going down the right path" if someone makes a choice to make that kid suffer and die, God did not do it, people did. If a deer crosses the road and causes a car to swerve and kill the passenger in another car, God did not do this, people did.

It all makes sense since I read THE SHACK. I am at peace now. I know in my heart GOD our father, Jesus our Saviour and our Holy Spirit will give us the pure reward at the end of our journey. I know in my heart that little Caylee Anthony is running through a field of wild flowers remembering nothing of the brutal murder she went through. Before the book when I watched her mom in jail my stomach got so sick and I wanted to cry and cry for Caylee but now I can watch HeadLine news and smile for Caylee. She is in the purest home ever and GOD will take care of the person or people who were so sick.

Thank You for this book. Fiction or not, GOD comes out in mysterious ways. My heart and soul has 100% understood and accepted Jesus as my saviour, God as my father. Me and the Holy Spirit are now 'one on one' as we talk each and every day. (SMILE) God bless you, William Young who wrote it and the people who made the book happen. I enjoy what GOD put on this earth, the natural resources. The beauty in a tree blowing, water rippling, dust blowing. Worrying about what I want, or who I want to scream at is silly. Each day is a beautiful journey in how I want to take it and I no more worry if people don't like it. If we could only teach our kids peace is what it is all about.

Thank you for listening
Wanda Taglialatela