The Shack by William P. Young

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The Shack by William P. Young was a fun read. I have read some pretty interesting blogs that pretty much pump the book up to extra-biblical elevation in revelation. Im curious about any opinions from this respected arena. I'd kinda like to recommend it to friends who have a small view of God, but after all the blogs I've read, i became skeptical.

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The Shack

This book brought Comfort, Joy and Peace. It was not written as much by a "writer", as it was by a man filled with love for his God and His children. It is like a comic book without pictures although the word pictures painted are some of the greatest I have ever seen/read. As for comparing it to historic linear theological thinking of course you would find it wanting. But there are many many Christians and others who have discovered the scriptures anew and perhaps Jesus for the first time in a powerful visual way that I believe had to be Spiritually inspired.
I would reccommend this book to all who have difficulty seeing the Kingdom of Heaven from a child's perspective. A requirement I believe that should be noted.
More to follow I Hope.

Br. Zuriel