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(I don't know were to post this)

I've been reading Norman Geisler's "Christian Apologetics". In each chp. he discusses a worldview, giving some history, basic tenets, good things about it, what is lacking, and a final summary. (I'm actually quiet pleased at how much philosophy it covers and not just concrete, boring facts. Anyway...) Here's the actual post-

I got to the part on Deism. In the section about were deism is lacking, all it seemed to say was that "If there was a hod who cared enough to make the world, then he'd obviously intervene in the world". So really, unless I simply missed something, it seems he didn't give an real incoherence at all about deism. I've been thinking about deism since then, and I'm going to reread it, but in the meantime, I'd like to pose the question:

If deism is lacking, then why? If it' incoherent, then why?


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