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How do y'all interpret Christ's exhortation to love your enemies?

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Thanks to GOD for your gifts Maria


Scripture tells us that . . . we all have some gifts and abilities from GOD for the good of all . . . if we use them. And if we use them well . . . we bear good fruit. And if we don't use them well . . . that shows forth too.

The ability to Love those outside your chosen Faith is a very very great gift. Mother Theresa had this . . . John Paul II had this . . . and many a great Saint has had this gift from GOD.

Maria, you have at least one other important gift . . . a gift for seeing the good in others and expressing it to them very well in a kindly manner.

Most of us need help with those gifts which seemingly come easy to you . . . although I know it is not easy.

One other thing you do well . . . you appreciate the beauty you find outside the Church without losing sight of the great and full beauty that is found within Her.

Thank you for that testimony.

May we all be charitable in our speech toward others . . . sometimes so difficult to do with our fears of each other.

May GOD Bless you and us all.

PS -- As to those others . . .

The Catechism (and Vatican II documents) speak(s) of salvation of those outside the Church being possible and known only to GOD . . . speaking of those who don't have the knowledge of the Faith (through no fault of their own) but follow the promptings of the HOLY SPIRIT in the living out of their lives to the best of their ability . . . my very liberal paraphrasing here.

This is not to say that ignorance is bliss . . . because the ignorant are easily harmed by their ignorance. However, GOD can even overcome our ignorance . . . if we cooperate with HIM even on the natural level of our understanding.

The Catechism also mentions that a Baptism of Faith in the name of the Trinity or of JESUS is salvific and so refers to the Protestants as our separated Brethren . . . leaving the situation after that to GOD's judgment . . . as in the case of every individual Catholic as well.

I Hope that's not too long a post script . . .

Off to a wedding now. I'm late.