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How do y'all interpret Christ's exhortation to love your enemies?


My mission and purpose in life as a Christian should be to do God's will as it pertains to my gifts and calling. My mission is not to defeat my enemies. Joseph of Genesis is a prime example. He had a God-given gift of dream interpretation. Meanwhile, Joseph gained some enemies (his brothers.) Yet, he focussed on pleasing God, not destroying his brothers. In due time, his brothers were made to repent, much like Job's "friends."

Fast forward... As a Christian, there may be times when we suffer persecution, but realizing all things in our life are for the good (Romans 8:29), we should run this race with patience, realizing that in the long run... the good side always wins. Oh, and a practical measuring stick is, "Do unto others, as you'd have them do unto you." It is not evil to be fair. It is evil to be unfair or a hypocrite.

When you work on a job, it is not labor to collect benefits - - it is to do your task. Collecting benefits and pay are the results of your work. When we do what God planned for us to do, one of the fringe benefits is "even thine enemies shall be at peace with thee."