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Adding Page Breaks to .xml Documents (Easy to Learn!)

An easy way to start learning .XML is to add ‘page break’ tags to books.

This is a relatively easy task, and it normally doesn’t take too long (although it depends on the length of the book). An average size book can usually be completed in an hour or two.

Any book without pages numbers in the .pdf format is a candidate to have pb tags added (page numbers are generally in maroon colored boxes at the top left of page).

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re: page breaks

Hi Kenj,

Thank you for your interest in this item. Actually, the original post by Robert Loutzenhiser was about 7 years ago. At that time, there was an attempt to link "page break" to the pdf "page images." You will still find this in some of the older documents online here. They come in the form of numbers along the margin where the original document page break occurs. However, I have noticed that in more recent documents, no attempt is being made to do this; and also, it is getting rare to find documents that have the xml or page image versions listed as available as mentioned by Robert in his post. I believe this is a memory saving decision that has been made by the overseers of the site. It would be my guess that the reduction in "page image" pdf files of the original document also results in the reduction of "page break" annotation in the online version of the document. Originally, you would click on the page number, and it would take you to that page in the "page image." Without the page images, the only reason for the page numbers would be to find it in a book you would have to own at home or at the library. If your copy at home should happen to be a different printing, it might well have different page numbers. So, in effect, the page breaks in the documents became of little use. Robert is no longer moderating at CCEL, and I think his post about page breaks might best be deleted, since it doesn't appear we are doing that anymore in the main library set of books.

As for Wiki, I have not become involved in that fairly new program, so I don't know what to suggest there. Perhaps you are working off of the original images there, and it would be more useful there.

We appreciate your interest in helping the library.

Dave S.
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