Translating Books

As many of you may know, CCEL is accessed by individuals throughout the world. We ship almost as many of our CDs outside of the United States as we ship inside the U.S. We regularly get requests to include books in foreign languages, to include MP3 files with audio in foreign languages, and the like.

CCEL is limited in terms of time and financial resources, and this limits what types of resources we can provide on our Web site. In the case of foreign language material, we are even more limited in that our staff of 4 employees is pretty limited in foreign language experience.

We have had, however, volunteers who are willing to translate books into foreign languages. We currently have two of our books being translated. There isn’t much in the way of guidelines that I can provide in this area, but here are the basic steps.

1) Find a book to translate in consultation with us. Frankly, some books are much higher on our priority list than others, but we are pretty much open to whatever book you’d be willing to translate.
2) We suggest using the MS Word format of the book – assuming one is available – and creating a new MS Word document containing the translated book.
3) Once the book is finished, email (as an attachment) the translated book in MS Word format, and we’ll work on installing the book.

If you have gifts in the area of translating, we’d love your help!