HELP!!! I have a problem with this book.........

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Rather then scatter our requests for help with a book across all the training threads, how about if we try to post questions and requests for help here?

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Judging by the fact that I actually got two e-mails, but only see one post on the CCEL site, it would appear you changed your post slightly and re-saved it.. I'm glad you found what you needed.

Before you changed your post a bit, you mentioned the desire to have a file reviewed before you got very far into the document to be sure it was well-formatted. I can sympathize with that desire.

The way I "cheat" a little when I am working on a new document from scratch is to use an xml file that is already posted and therefore probably in good shape. I find one that is formatted as simply as my new document can handle. For example: if the new document only has chapters, not divisions and chapters, an xml document with only Div 1, not both Div 1 and Div 2 schemes works. Then I change the initial information to suit my new document. After that, all I have to do is remove the original text and insert the new text, then massage the attributes. If you do this approach, you will find that previous submitters of xml documents establish their individual styles and differing levels of complexity.

On your first document, you could possibly do one chapter, then send it to Harry Plantinga to be checked for readability. If you choose to try that, be sure you have all of the document ending tags in it, such as the xml closing and the ThML closing, as well as the Div 1 closing. Be sure to note in your e-mail that this is an incomplete document and you just need to know if Harry and his crew can read it okay.

Just remembered something else I might point out about MSWord as an editor for xml. Double-check to make sure it hasn't removed spaces before and/or after tags. If the MSWord settings in your computer allow MSWord to do automatic corrections when it thinks you made a mistake, it may remove numerous spaces. You can see the result of this in the Scripture references at the bottom of Daily Light, where the Scripture addresses run together without spaces.

(I hope this approach will meet Harry's and Ken's approval. I did not discuss it with them, but it is what I would do if I were starting from scratch. Interestingly, I have had a couple of documents post quite easily, but MSWord so convoluted one document that I am having to totally redo it in iMac's Serna-Free. Just a suggestion. Never let Open Office or WordPerfect get anywhere near your xml file. I am a WordPerfect fan for most things, but the two mentioned programs can mess up a file in seconds.)

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