HELP!!! I have a problem with this book.........

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Rather then scatter our requests for help with a book across all the training threads, how about if we try to post questions and requests for help here?

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My hopes

I had hoped that you could copy/paste it, before or after you make all necessary corrections. You know better than me what you've been doing in this phase, whether you just correct typos, add italic tags where needed, and the page tag. I only pasted OCR text in hopes you wouldn't have to type it all in. Someone better qualified should answer your question about exactly what you should do and how to complete your fix of this situation. Personally, I would fix it the best I knew how off-line and be ready to copy/paste it where and how directed.

Thanks for all you do for this very worthwhile project (CCEL). I have found it very rewarding for all the years I've helped here.