HELP!!! I have a problem with this book.........

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Page 367 OCR text from an off-site location

Perhaps you can use the OCR text for page 367 at the Internet Archive:

Justification from Eternity.

" The righteousness which is of God
by faith." Phil. iii. 9.

IT has become evident that the question which most closely con
cerns us is, not whether we are more or less holy, but whether our
status is that of the just or of the unjust; and that this is deter
mined not by what we are at any given moment, but by God as our
Sovereign and Judge.

In Adam s creation God put us, without any preceding merits
on our part, in the state of original righteousness. After the fall,
according to the same sovereign prerogative, He put us, as Adam s
descendants, in the state of unrighteousness, imputing Adam s guilt
to each personally. And in exactly the same manner He now jus
tifies the ungodly, i.e., He places him, without any previous merit
on his part, in the state of righteousness according to His own holy
and inviolable prerogative.

In the creation He did not first wait to see whether man would
develop holiness in himself, so as to declare him righteous on the
ground of this holiness ; but He declared him originally righteous,
even before there was a possibility on his part of evincing a desire
for holiness. And after the fall He did not wait to see whether sin
would manifest itself in us, so as to assign us to the state of the
unrighteous on the ground of this sin ; but before our birth, before
there was a possibility of personal sin, He declared us guilty. And
in the same manner God does not wait to see whether a sinner
shows signs of conversion in order to restore him to honor as a
righteous person, but He declares the ungodly just before he has
had the least possibility of doing any good work.

Hence there is a sharp line between our sanetification and our
justification. The former has to do with the quality of our being,
depends upon our faith, and can not be effected outside of us. But