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The basic goal is to make the on-line edition match the print edition -- errors and all. We aren't updating spelling or usage or changing it to match modern American usage.

When the page images are available, we can refer to the page images and make corrections with confidence. Sometimes the page images are not available at the CCEL, but they are available at Google Books. In that case you can search for some words on the page and try to find a source of page images.

When page images are not available, the goal is to fix obvious typographical errors but not to make changes that are unlikely to be a result of scanning or typing errors.

The goal is to proof all the pages of each book at least twice. At that point we'll consider the book "proofed." Of course, proofing will continue after that point as readers continue to report typos.

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I know your frustration with Windows


It is good to see your interest in helping us with the proofreading.

A good friend who is a computer programmer took your route and prefers Linux. I tossed the PC and went with Apple. I don't have a suggestion for a good xml (ThML) program for Linux since I don't use it myself. In the Apple environment, I found a wonderful program called Serna Free. If you search for that and find that they have a Linux version, go for it. It is very visual and stable. While operating in a Windows environment, I tried Open Office, which I understand some people use. However, I am one of the folks who gave it up quickly when it messed up one of my xml documents.

When I proofread a document that doesn't have a lot of problems, I just do it online with the corrections window. When I start running into several corrections per page, which occurs in a few of the documents I have gone into, I download the xml file and edit it, then send it back to Harry for posting. When I do that, I send an e-mail to let Harry and his staff know so they know a corrected version will be coming.

Also, if I don't have time to stay online, I will sometimes click on the "printer-friendly version" link and print it out to read off-line. Then, I simply breeze through the page on-line and post the comments, using the corrections window.

I will have to leave your other questions to more knowledgeable folks.

Since you mentioned you sons returning to the States, may I assume you are a missionary?

Dave S.
Senior Moderator, Volunteers for Proofreading
2 Tim. 3:16--All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable
for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.