Book Projects and Reservations

Many Proofreaders will want to proof sections of books rather than committing to an entire book, and this is fine. However, if you'd like to proofread a whole book, please let us know so that we can 'reserve' the book for you and avoid duplication of work.

If you are signed up to proofread a reserved book, please post monthly updates here or email an update to a group manager to say that you are continuing to work on the project. If you fail to check in, we'll contact you to check on your progress. If you find that you are unable to complete your book, let us know so that we can open the book again to others. You are welcome to come back later and do some more proofreading when you are able. See below for suggested books needing proofreading.

Thanks for helping us proofread!

Click here for specific proofreading book suggestions along with general tips and suggestions for selecting books to proofread.

BOOK RESERVATIONS (Books currently being proofread):

* Why Four Gospels? by A. W. Pink [Freddie, 6/22/2017] * Against War by Erasmsu [BSF 4/22/2017]
* There and Back by George MacDonald [Rev. Roberta 3/1/2017]
* Calvin's Commentaries on Isaiah, volume 1 [Bob Rausch 1/23/2017]
* Spiritual Torrents by Madam Guyon [Barbara 10/4/2016]
* An Appeal to all that Doubt by William Law [Anne 8/31/2015]
* Little Treasure of Prayers (anonymous) [Pastor Angela 6/30/2015]
* Two Covenants by Andrew Murray [Pastor Angela 6/30/2015]
* The Death of Ivan Ilych by Tolstoy [Ryan 1/29/2015]
* Commentary of Galations by Martin Luther [Timothy 11/6/2014]
* The Man Who Knew Too Much by Gilbert Chesterton [Valerie 8/30/2014]
* Funeral Sermon on Dr. John Owen by David Clarkson [Nicole 8/8/2014]
* Story of Our Hymns by Ryden [cinilou 7/28/2014]
* Matthew Henry Commentaries [ElderDad 7/14/2010]
* Bread of Life: A Manual of Devotion by Crake [Christina 1/30/14]
* Augustine's Confessions [sunnyday360 1/6/2014]
* Underhill's The Essentials of Mysticisum
[Mary M 5/4/13]
* The Works of Thomas Shepard[Jacquie 7/17/2013]
* Evidence of Christian Religion by Alexander [MaryFern 10/23/12]
* John Henry Jowett’s School of Calvary [Cynthia, 7/13/12]
* Andrew Murray’s The Lord's Table [Cynthia, 7/13/12]
* Luther’s Commentary on St. Paul's Epistle to the Galatians [Cynthia, 7/13/12]
* Newell's Romans Verse by Verse [ElderDad, 5/15/2012]
* Luther's First Principles of the Reformation [Amber 1/30/2012]
* Olney Hymns by Newtwon [Kathleen V, 6/23/2011]
* Systematic Theology by Finney [ElderDad, Stopped after Chapter XXXVI]
* The Practical Works of Richard Baxter [Burnhart, 11/3/2008]


* Quiet Talks on Power by S.D. Gordon [Roberta 2/5/2017]
* Spiritual Torrents by Madam Guyon [Roberta 2/1/2017]
* Selected Sermons of George Whitefield [Rev. Roberta 10/22/2016]
* Faith's Checkbook by C. H. Spurgeon [Julia 9/2015/2015]
* Preface to the Letter of St. Paul to the Romans by Martin Luther [Pastor Angela 6/30/2015]
* The Meaning of Prayer by E. Fosdick [Jacquelene 7/6/2015]
* Til He Comes by C.H. Spurgeon [Rev. Roberta 5/24/2015]
* Aids to Reflection by S.T. Coleridge [Jaquelene 5/21/15]
* Preface to the Letter of St. Paul to the Romans by Luther [Pastor Angela, 4/17/2015]
* Expositor's Bible: The Epistles of St. John by William Alexander [ElderDad 1/24/15]
* With Christ in the School of Prayer by Murray [Rev Roberta 1/21/15]
* Story of Our Hymns by Ernest Ryden [Rev Roberta 1/14/15]
* Our Translated Gospels by Charles Torrey [Jacquelene, 11/22/2014]
* Genesis to Revelation Bible Course by William Groom [ElderDad, 11/18/2014]
* Short and Easy Method of Prayer by Madame Guyone [Rev. Roberta, 7/7/2014]
* Harmony of the Law by John Calvin [Scribe (Gail), 4/19/2014]
* The Day Boy and the Night Girl by George MacDonald [Roberta 5/26/14]
* Ideal Life By Henry Drummond [Rev. Roberta, 3/15/2014]
* VanDyke's The Sea Is Great [Elderdad 11/13/13]*
* The Works of Thomas Shepard [Jacquelene 9/18/13]
* Calvin's Commentary on Romans [Scribe 8/21/13]
* Hudson's Union and Communion [Elderdad 8/13/13]
* Campbell's The Nature of the Atonement and Its Relation to Remission of Sins [Jacquelene 7/15/13]
* Stowe's Religious Poems [Jacquie 5/29/13]
* Pullan's Early Christian Doctrine [Jacquelene 5/21/13]
* Watson's Art of Divine Contentment: An Exposition of Philippians 4:11 [Jacquelene 5/1/2013]
* Pink's Why Four Gospels? [ElderDad 3/15/2013]
* Chesterton's Innocence of Father Brown [RevRoberta 2/15/2013]
* Little Treasury of Prayers [Rev. Roberta 12/3/2012]*
* Paul Wernle’s Beginnings of Christianity, Volumes 1 & 2[Jacquelene 12/17/2012]
* Wesley's Bible Notes [Jacquie 12/3/2012]
* A. W. Pink's Redeemer's Return [Jacquelene 11/17/2012]
* A. W. Pink's Tithing [Jacquie 11/14/2012]
* Luther’s Commentary on St. Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians [Jacquelene 11/11/2012]
* Spurgeon's Till He Comes [Jacquelene 11/8/2012]
* John Owen’s Display of Arminianism [Jacquelene 11/1/2012]*
* Life of Our Most Holy Father St. Benedict by Gregory I [Jacquie, 10/18/2012]
* Murray's Waiting on God [v.borden 9/20/2012]*
* Dante's The Divine Comedy [Rev. Roberta, 1/26/2011]
* Drummond's Baxter's Second Innings [Elderdad, 4/9/2011]
* Drummond's Monkey who Would Not Die [Elderdad 4/9/2011]
* R.A. Torrey's How to Pray [Elderdad, 3/25/2011]
* Bunyon's Pilgrim's Progress [Roberta, 3/22/2011]
* Edwards' Religious Affections [Roberta, 3/19/2011]
* RA Torrey's Revival Addresses [Elderdad, 3/12/2011]
* John Henry Jowett's, FRIEND ON THE ROAD AND OTHER STUDIES IN THE GOSPELS [Elderdad, 3/7/2011]
* The Reformed Pastor by Richard Baxter [ElderDad. 11/13/2010]
* Working for God by Andrew Murray [Elderdad, 7/27/2010]
* Daily Light on the Daily Path [Elderdad, 6/15/2010]
* Kneeling Christian by Unknown, [Habamo, 5/6/2010]
* St. Anselm's Devotions [Roberta, 1/06/2010]
* The God of All Comfort by Hannah Whitall Smith [RubyJean, 11/21/2009]
* Kuiper's Works of the Holy Spirit [Roberta, 11/10/2009]
* True Vine by Andrew Murray [RubyJean, 9/28/2009]
* Murray's Deeper Christian Life [Roberta, 11/6/2008]
* Anselm's Basic Works [Roberta, 11/3/2008]
* T.M. Anderson's Prayer Availeth Much [Anne P, 10/30/2008]
* Smith's The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life [Anne P, 10/5/2008]
* Poems of St. Teresa [Roberta, 10/7/08]
* Historia Calamitatusm [Roberta, 10/3/2008]
* Whytes' Lord Teach Us to Pray [Roberta, 10/3/08]
* Henry Suso's A Little Book of Eternal Wisdom [Hana M, 8/23/2008]
* Scougal's Life of God in the Soul of Man [Verhulst, 7/9/2008]
* Alvin Plantinga: Warranted Christian Belief [hplantin]
* Kuiper The Stone Lectures [September, 2008]
* Biography of John Owen from the Encyclopaedia [volocano, 1/1/2009]
* Bunyan's Grace Abounding [Rev Roberta, 1/6/2009]
* Flavel's Christ Altogether Lovely [Rev Roberta, 2/2/2009]
* In Praise of Folly by Erasmus [Rev Roberta]

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Suggested book proofreading progress chart

In order to see how much progress has been made on each of the suggested CCEL proofreading projects, I've added a little chart that shows progress. It is automatically updated when a page is marked as "proofed." See it at

Note that each page has to be proofed twice in order for the bar to reach 100% and the book to be considered "proofed."


Harry Plantinga
CCEL Director

Harry Plantinga
CCEL Director