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proofreading questions

I am currently proofing Calvin's Institutes and have a few questions:

1. Is there a way to track the errors I have corrected?

2. Where there are tables in the text, I notice that only the headings
are OCR'd but the actual table has not been processed. How do we get the
actual table content into the book?

3. How do I determine where I "left off?" When I return to the book,
sometimes I am not sure where I stopped.

Thank you,

Harold Harmon


Thanks so much for the proofreading work you are doing. Here are responses to your questions.

1. tracking errors: Reported errors are automatically placed in a database to which proofreaders don’t have access. There might be a way to email you a copy of a section of that database if you requested this. I’d need to get help with this, however. Right now, I can only access the corrections one at a time, so it would take a great deal of work to send all of the corrections to you.

2. Tables are tricky. I would suggest ‘duplicating’ the tables in an excel spreadsheet or as a table in word, and then email us ( the document as an email attachment.

3. Where one leaves off? Anyone else have any suggestions for this problem?

Ken Verhulst