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DON'T PANIC - Questions not covered by the Training Threads

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Sticky Wickets


I've spoken with our tech person here at CCEL. To be honest, I don't know how much I can give you, but here is my best effort at answering.

Wicket #1: robot reverting changes back.

We don't think this will happen. The explanation I was given was much longer than this, but we think the changes will be permanent and won't switch back.

Wicket #2: Missing spaces between parentheses and quoatations and the lie.

Speaking for my self, I don't think we should be too concerned about this. Fix what you can, but it might be impossible (see #3) to exactly duplicate a printed text in html format, and I don't think this is essential. Perhaps Dr. Planting or others have opinions about this, and they can voice their thoughts here.

Wicket #3: spacing for emphasis.

Our tech guy reports that we don't have that class/command/something in our style sheet, and adding more than just a normal space won't be easily done -- it at all -- without changes on our part -- which he's not going to do at the moment-- if at all. In short, do what you think best, and don't worry about it you can't duplicate the exact emphasis of spacing in the original.

Wicket #4: red s

Our vote is to go with the s, and either a red or black s would be fine (ie. keep it as it is, or request that the red s be changed to black).

Hope this helps..... Frankly, I feel a little out of my league answering these questions, but I did my best.

Ken Verhulst