Historical basis for Baptism to be separate from our salvation

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I have been searching for historical basis for modern baptist and evangelical interpretation of baptism being separate from salvation? There seems to be almost unanimous agreement among Bible believing Christian writers on ccel historical database that baptism was part of our salvation and I have found it surprising that our reformation sola scriptura sola fide revolutionaries, like Calvin and Luther, have also promoted bibliccal teaching of baptismal regeneration. But, all my readings of the last 150 years of evangelicals in the baptist and evangelical side of the house, have taught that baptismal regeneration is heresy. Does anyone know of a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th through 15th century Christian nongnostic source that agrees with the current popular interpretation that believers need not be baptised or if they are, they should not accept what we now call heretical 'baptismal regeneration' as Christian doctrine?

Obviously both sides can use Biblical verses promoting one side verses the other, but I wondered if there are any historical Christian writings that agree with the modern interpretation of the Holy Word of God or if we might have privately interpreted what the letter of Hebrews calls "milk"- basics of common agreement among all true Believers and followers of Christ our God?

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