Deliver us from Evil...

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Many Christians are in a struggle between God and Satan. It could be because of the vast and quick type of communications that are available to us via the net or media and morality being at it's lowest.

Christians belong to God and Satan will do everything in his power to destroy that. That is his goal, his obsession. God has given us the means to overcome him and any of his evil spirits. Prayer.

Prayer overcomes every circumstance. So, here I will include some prayers for defeating the evil one.

Prayer against Malefice by Maria Smith
Anima Christi by Maria Smith
Prayer against every Evil by Maria Smith
Prayer for healing by Maria Smith
Prayer for Deliverance by Maria Smith
Welcome! by Maria Smith
Welcome TO A Prayer Group by Maria Smith
Answer by Afolayan
our faith by willwhite
God Power is Alive by Afolayan
Introduction by Luke1968
Hello Luke! by Maria Smith
The Lord is mighty by sharon01
Hello Sharon! by Maria Smith
God is Alive by Afolayan
Ilea and Tim by Maria Smith
Catholic Answers ;) by JCSOGHMOMAS
Welcome Tim! by Maria Smith
Prayers by meliftman
Thank you, Tim!! by Maria Smith

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