How will I know?

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I am in the midst of a deeply soul-searching quest for Christian understanding. I am praying as well as I know how, praising and asking for guidance. I am reading the Bible, beginning with the New Testament (I've studied my way up through Romans.)

I am trying to see the moments of my life as being guided and in service of God through the lessons and example of Jesus Christ.

How will I know if I am truly born again in Christ? How will I know of the Spirit is moving within and through me?

An odd aspect of this is that I have been feeling great loneliness as that God-shaped hole within me seems to remain unfilled. Is this normal?

Do I sound desperate enough?

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You will find yourself wanting to serve Him.

You will know because you will desire to do His will. You will find yourself sinning less and when you do sin it will bother you more. You will see yourself as a sinner, you will find yourself repenting, confessing and seeking forgiveness for those things in your life you did before without it bothering you. More and more as you cooperate with His graces you will find yourself doing His work and reaching out to others to lead them to Him, serving as a vessel of honor meet for His use.