How will I know?

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I am in the midst of a deeply soul-searching quest for Christian understanding. I am praying as well as I know how, praising and asking for guidance. I am reading the Bible, beginning with the New Testament (I've studied my way up through Romans.)

I am trying to see the moments of my life as being guided and in service of God through the lessons and example of Jesus Christ.

How will I know if I am truly born again in Christ? How will I know of the Spirit is moving within and through me?

An odd aspect of this is that I have been feeling great loneliness as that God-shaped hole within me seems to remain unfilled. Is this normal?

Do I sound desperate enough?

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Dear Joel-

You ask how will you know that the spirit is moving in and through you?

What do you think is compelling you to learn more? Who do you think is that inside of you that is making you search?
That is the Spirit of God working in you. The Lord God is gracing you at this very moment. These are things that you need to become aware of.

As far as the hole you feel, if I understand your statement, we as Christians will always feel a hunger to know more about our God, all the persons of God. We want to know more of Jesus, his life and love and supreme sacrifice and of the Holy Spirit Who iluminates us with God Divine Truth. There is so much to learn and we never finish learning until we are face to face and He reveals all to us.

There will be time in our spiritual walk with God that we will feel very united with Him and we will also experience a dryness, almost as though He has forgotten us... but then all of a sudden He is present and enflames our hearts and souls. This is something everyone, including the saints have gone through.

The more you learn, the more you want to learn. The more you want to become closer to Him. So, do not despair, you are on the right road... He is walking with you. That is why I said GREAT right up front!

I will say a special prayer for you in the prayer warriors group so that the Lord will continue to guide and lead you. This site is wonderful, so many to help you learn here.

May God bless you on your journey!

Yours in Christ,
CCEL Hostess

Yours in Christ,
Maria 玛丽亚
CCEL Hostess