How will I know?

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I am in the midst of a deeply soul-searching quest for Christian understanding. I am praying as well as I know how, praising and asking for guidance. I am reading the Bible, beginning with the New Testament (I've studied my way up through Romans.)

I am trying to see the moments of my life as being guided and in service of God through the lessons and example of Jesus Christ.

How will I know if I am truly born again in Christ? How will I know of the Spirit is moving within and through me?

An odd aspect of this is that I have been feeling great loneliness as that God-shaped hole within me seems to remain unfilled. Is this normal?

Do I sound desperate enough?

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Good questions joelaberge

Let me tell you about a recent experience and discussion I had with a Messianic/Jew. He is a very intelligent man reads the Bible in Hebrew and Greek (way beyond me). He is however an inmate in prison tried and convicted of 1st degree murder.

He explained that he was in constant worship and study but had that God-shaped hole too. Personally, I think that hole is the Holy Spirit working in you, or you would not know it was a God-shaped hole. Now to the point, he asked, "What more did he need to do"? The response was simply love and serve others like Jesus did. Of course, I would recommend you continue what you have started, but sometimes reading the Bible in sequence may not be the best path. My recommendation is to read and study 1st John, five short chapters loaded with love, light and answers.


~ Preach the gospel always. If necessary use words. ~ Francis of Assisi


~ Preach the gospel always. If necessary use words. ~ Francis of Assisi