Christian Ethics on Human "Egg Donations"

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One night, I was perusing Craigs List when I came across an ad for female egg donors. The compensation was pretty good for going to the hospital every so often and knowing you're helping a couple form a family - and very good for a poor university student like me.

Yet what does the Bible say on this issue? The closest analogy I found was in the Old Testament where Sara made her handmaid, Hagar, bear a child for Abraham in her name... The result was devastating for all involved - partly because of the slave society and the primogeniture times they lived in. Historically, today's Israel and Palestine conflict is said to be traced back to the moment of Hagar's conception.

But child-conceiving efforts seem to take a more positive reception in today's Western culture that embraces individuality more than family values. And biblically, they seem to fall in the gray category because female egg donors can anonymously donate their eggs without fornicating or committing adultery per se because the process itself is surgical in nature. Plus, they say they feel "fulfilled" helping a sterile couple to bear children.

So I'm interested to know: what are your thoughts on this? And what would God's thoughts be in light of His Word?


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