Your Favorite Psalms

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There are about 150 psalms - some psalms contain two or more songs. They are as varied as the subject matter. Praising God, showing confidence in Him, thanksgiving, etc.

Please take a moment and write down your favorite, give your reasons for it if you like. It is a wonderful way to pray that we should do more often.

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Psalm 139

This is my favorite Psalm as well. As an Orthodox Anglican priest, the Psalms are an important part of our Daily Offices. We use the 1928 Book of Common Prayer which uses the Miles Coverdale translation of the Psalms that first appeared in the Great Bible of the 16th century. I frequently encourage people to meditate and pray with this Psalm in order to better understand the knowledge, care and concern that God has for each of us individually. I can only agree with you wholeheartedly that praying the Psalms is a rich source of communion with God.