Your Favorite Psalms

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There are about 150 psalms - some psalms contain two or more songs. They are as varied as the subject matter. Praising God, showing confidence in Him, thanksgiving, etc.

Please take a moment and write down your favorite, give your reasons for it if you like. It is a wonderful way to pray that we should do more often.

Psalm 139 by jerrypfaff
Greetings... by HeidiSue
Psalm 34 by HeidiSue
Welcome Heidi! by Maria Smith
aww...*sniff* *dab* by HeidiSue
Psalms by Keyon
Hello Maria by gelaampadu
Thank you Angela! by Maria Smith
Psalm 67 by Ali Karimi
Welcome Ali! by Maria Smith
Psalm 67 by Florence Gatt Souza
Hello Selah!! by Maria Smith
a psalm of gratitude from Ruth by trumpetofpurelight (not verified)
WELCOME dear Trumpet!! by Maria Smith
GRACE AND MERCY by trumpetofpurelight (not verified)
GRATITUDE by trumpetofpurelight (not verified)
Psalm 25 by George Reimuth
THANK YOU .. by thelight
WALK IN THE SPIRIT by thelight
God is Faithful by Beulah

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