Practical Mysticism - CHAPTER VI - LOVE AND WILL

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"Only the real, say the mystics, can know Reality, for “we behold that which we are,” the universe which we see is conditioned by the character of the mind that sees it: and this realness—since that which you seek is no mere glimpse of Eternal Life, but complete possession of it—must apply to every aspect of your being, the rich totality of character, all the “forces of the soul,” not to some thin and isolated “spiritual sense” alone."

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Hi Les- The feelings you

Hi Les-

The feelings you experienced in the balcony are called moments of grace. I had something similar happen. I was in my car waiting for the light to change. As I was watching all the cars buzzing back and forth, honking their horns because they are all in a rush, etc... I had this huge feeling overwhelm me with so much sorry because I wanted them so badly to understand how we are all part of one body.

I was so sad because the majority did not know God. Know Him in the sense that a saved Christian would and the sadness I felt was so intense, that I cried. I thought I was losing it so I told my priest about it and he said these are moments that God touches you with a reality He wants you to understand. He wanted me to see how much He is suffering and is in sorrow for His children.

I have also had the same feelings with a tremendous sense of love. I wish I could keep it all the time. Again, it is a moment of Gods grace and reality.

God bless you for sharing. Thanks.

Yours in Christ,
CCEL Hostess

Yours in Christ,
Maria 玛丽亚
CCEL Hostess