Practical Mysticism - CHAPTER VI - LOVE AND WILL

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"Only the real, say the mystics, can know Reality, for “we behold that which we are,” the universe which we see is conditioned by the character of the mind that sees it: and this realness—since that which you seek is no mere glimpse of Eternal Life, but complete possession of it—must apply to every aspect of your being, the rich totality of character, all the “forces of the soul,” not to some thin and isolated “spiritual sense” alone."

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Mysticism and Faith

Hi Peter!

I like your last post and Lou's last post. I belong to a Lutheran Synod that is fundamental. We believe all the Bible is true as written. Sometimes this causes members to confine themselves in their own boxes. I also find that this gives me the opportunity as Maria stated earlier (Or in a later post as I am reviewing all the chapters for new posts.) that she walked in the park and visualized Jesus in all people.

I sit in the balcony of my church and have a great view of the church. As I look I have this overwhelming conviction that all those people I see are my family. That includes the ones I have disagreements with as much as the ones I agree with. That to me is the mystery and the beauty of fellowship. It is like when I am angry with one of my own family. They are still family! And the church remains family because Jesus (The power of God.) is in all the members.

I do not know if that makes sense or not, but they are my thoughts!