Practical Mysticism - CHAPTER VI - LOVE AND WILL

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"Only the real, say the mystics, can know Reality, for “we behold that which we are,” the universe which we see is conditioned by the character of the mind that sees it: and this realness—since that which you seek is no mere glimpse of Eternal Life, but complete possession of it—must apply to every aspect of your being, the rich totality of character, all the “forces of the soul,” not to some thin and isolated “spiritual sense” alone."

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Christ within

bbbills113 asked: It has been stated on several different occasions about the Christ within. I am reading the book and have not read in there as of yet about the Christ within and is there a bible verse that defends the statement.

Please excuse my ignorance of the bible. I know Jesus said: "I and the father are one." (John 10.30). Where Jesus identifies himself with God. Then St. Paul says: "You are all son's of God." (Galations 3.26). Identifying men (and women) with Jesus, and so by anology, with God. So, if we seek and find God, we must find Christ.

This is the top down approach to discovering Jesus. And I think this is the point where all mystics meet - in God and in Christ.


Peter Smith
Co-Group Leader