Practical Mysticism - CHAPTER VI - LOVE AND WILL

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"Only the real, say the mystics, can know Reality, for “we behold that which we are,” the universe which we see is conditioned by the character of the mind that sees it: and this realness—since that which you seek is no mere glimpse of Eternal Life, but complete possession of it—must apply to every aspect of your being, the rich totality of character, all the “forces of the soul,” not to some thin and isolated “spiritual sense” alone."

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Unhidden in the Forgetting

I get just the opposite. That we are to be cognizant of the knowing that God has of us. That being loved we are loved. Being created we are substantial in God's regard.

Feeling is so fleeting and unpredictable. As much as it provides part of our location in our journey it also clouds the knowing through its confusion with attachments that harm.

So I think abandoning knowledge and feeling for the moment are a means of positioning ourselves before the gazing eye of God's love. What guilt and remorse or joy and pleasure arise begin to serve only, that in all of it, God has created us to be loved. And once we know we are loved, then we can love.

This will deepen our sense that we have a reservoir of love from which to draw and that in drawing it and being capable of carrying it to the object of God's love, we come to know that we are not only capable of love--which makes us one with God, but worthy of being loved, which makes us one with each other.