ThML Reader Released

I released the first version of ThML Reader tonight.

This application is far different from ThML Viewer. It provides better html/thml rendering. The ability to jump to scripture references, and other links within the current thml document or to other installed thml documents.
And other changes.

You will find it here.

Please note that 'An Introduction to the Old Testament in Greek' which is part of the on site downloadable library for ThML Viewer & ThML Reader is damaged and will cause downloads to be terminated when the Download Manager tries to download that specific book. Do not try to download that book and your downloads should go fine.

I will fix this problem when I have time.

I am looking into it. But it by DNR (not verified)
Thml install problem - zlib by DNR (not verified)
Internet Explorer 7 testing by GoBibleUser200705
I already have your email by DNR (not verified)

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