The Theologian and the Mystic

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The Theologian seeks to understand God by defining the different aspects of God and his relationship to man, the angels and the universe. One only need to grab a book on theology, of which there are many good versions on line including a few here at CCEL, and peruse the contents to see that the theologian is seeking to understand God by definition and labeling. We have Soteriology, Justification, Salvation and Angelogy. Thus we have science meets God.

On the other hand we have the Christian Mystic. The Christian that says we need to meet God without preconceived notions, self egotism, or labels. That the experience of the Absolute can only be accomplished if we remove our thoughts from between us and our center, God. The mystic would point to the verses that speak of diminishing ourselves and increasing God as the recipe to become intimate and intermingled or in union with God.

To the causal eye it would seem that the two camps are diametrically opposed. Can the two be reconciled? Or are Mystics, such as Saint John of the Cross, and Theologians, such as Schafer, to be always in conflict as to method?

I agree both are needed by michael_legna
Tension needed by Spendo
I think the theologian by l.craddock
I would point out... by undercoverdave

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