Pray without Ceasing

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Brother Lawrence (in his daily routines), and the early Hasidic leaders, each found different ways to pray while working, walking, in conversational breaks, cleaning up, cooking, and so on. You, too, have many opportunities for short sentence prayers of thanks or concern. For example:

• while sitting on a commuter train;
• while waiting at a doctor's office;
• between TV commercials (hit the mute button, pray for a moment);
• in any line while waiting

The more you pray in places outside of church or home, the more naturally Christ will come to mind there. It will seem much less like a separate, Godless world, and more of a whole in which the Spirit is afoot everywhere.
Setting a schedule helps to create a habit or pattern of prayer, and turns the believer back to God throughout the day. It's not about how you do it or how many times a day you do it, it's about turning to God in the midst of what you do during the day, helping to keep the whole day in prayer. Many find it helpful to give each prayer time a separate focus. For instance, a daytime worker would set up the day ahead at midmorning by praying about each item on the schedule, and the midafternoon prayer would be to help them leave their job behind in mind and body (some people find it difficult to let go of their work).

"The Apostle Paul had a purpose in saying: 'Pray without ceasing'. Are we then to ceaselessly bend our knees, to lie prostrate, or to lift up our hands? There is another, interior kind of prayer without ceasing, namely, the desire of the heart. “The constancy of your desire will itself be the ceaseless voice of your prayer." – Augustin of Hippo

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Hard Times - Laura

Laura, my heart went out to you when I read your mail about domestic violence and now unemployment, but "not sleeping" will certainly contribute to a downward spiral. I've been battling the sleep issue for a time now due to changes in hormones (menopause) and stress. You have been under long-term stress for years. Your body can only handle so much. For these reasons, I please ask that you take steps to support your temple as God would desire.

First, try to eat balanced meals - solid protein, starchy vegetable, and low-carb vegetable at each meal. Eat eggs for breakfast with grilled vegetables and wholegrain toast. Back off on sugar (and its cousin, white flour) and caffeine. (Switch to green tea if you cannot get off of caffeine and I don't suggest getting off caffeine cold turkey either). Take a multi-vitamin and Vitamin B Complex for stress. Seek godly support during this time by attending church and truly connecting with others in the body of Christ.

For some good books on physical health, try The Schwarzbein Principle by Diana Schwarzbein (and her follow-on books and cookbook) and The Diet Cure by Julia Ross. Each of these authors tells how stress and improper eating and/or stimulants or depressants wreck havoc in the body affecting the emotions further comprising our ability to cope with life's difficulties. I checked these books out of the library.

If you need help with a resume or with seeking employment, I am willing to review your resume and help you target your search.(I was in the employment business for 15 yrs).

I normally do not receive these emails. I had them blocked, but I changed computers and this one came through. May God give you the support you need during this time. He is faithful. Look for His hand in delivering you from the torment you have been experiencing.

Your sister in Christ,