Prayers for Different States of Life

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Christians are called to pray always. Sometimes this is not an easy thing to do, especially when we are busy with work, chores, children, etc. This section makes use of different state of people's lives.

This area can include prayers for ministers, fathers, mothers, law enforcers, doctors. When children start the school year, pray for them and their year ahead, pray for the unemployed, travelers, the elderly.

It is also a area to pray if you are in a bad mood or frame of mind, are moving or praying before a trip, praying when in doubt of something or for discernment.

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Pray for My Wife & her Job

ME and my wife going through a tough phase in life, We need your prayers to overcome this and witness Christ in our life.

A small outline of our situation .. We got some financial issues and the strain came down as my wife got a job , and we were actually coming out of our debts. She got concived 3 months back ( was not planned ) which had put some pressure on us, and later we prayed and accepted the life in her womb as God's gift. Now she is going thru lot of health related issues ( the common morning sickness , back pain ..etc) .. the real issue is she forced to take fews days leave because of her health which is affecting her Job in turn . Management is not happy about it and she too worried about it .. they have extended her working hours to 12 hrs ( i feel they are forcing her to quite Job ) . If she loose Job that would have a adverse affect in our life . Need your earnest prayers, am too getting weary and tired...

In Christ