Prayers for Different States of Life

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Christians are called to pray always. Sometimes this is not an easy thing to do, especially when we are busy with work, chores, children, etc. This section makes use of different state of people's lives.

This area can include prayers for ministers, fathers, mothers, law enforcers, doctors. When children start the school year, pray for them and their year ahead, pray for the unemployed, travelers, the elderly.

It is also a area to pray if you are in a bad mood or frame of mind, are moving or praying before a trip, praying when in doubt of something or for discernment.

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Bring Your Peace Into and Upon Maria and her Family

Father G-d, Papa Daddy, Blessed be Your Name, You who created us for Your purposes and Your desire.

Cause Your Peace to be poured out upon Maria.

Cause her Ex and close family and their children and grandchildren to be surrounded with a hedge of protection during this time of missed understandings.

Cause a hunger and a thirst for You to be planted as a seed in Maria's and her Ex's heart, L-rd.

Cause a humbleing spirit to come upon Maria's Ex. A right spirit for working out his salvation and righteousness toward You and his wife.

Cause repentance from sin which was the root of this spirit of rebellion from you L-rd.

I know You, L-rd have already started this work and will see it to completeness.

You are Glorious L-rd! There is no ONE like YOU L-rd! Blessed be Your Name forever. So be it L-rd.