Prayer Thread for Temporal needs

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In this area, we pray for all things that we need to sustain our life in a proper manner for our families to be nourished and safe. We pray for our employment - if we are looking for something better to improve our fiances. We pray for our education, in the purchase of a new home or car or even how we will afford braces and the many other things that a family would need.

We pray to be kept from natural disasters and for those who are suffering from them. We pray for the poor, the hungry - that they may be comforted. Place your prayers here with true faith - the Lord knows what you need.

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Please Pray for me

Grace and Peace to you.

I have been following your prayers of the faithful for 1 month now. The last two years of my life have been a great loss and gain. I discovered the gospel and the living Christ who saves me and offers me newness of life daily! But I also lost my former belief community and the respect and support of family and friends.

During this time of great loss, I have lost my career, family, changed denominations , and now the loss of my home and belongings, I wonder where God is.

I am deeply saddened and would like to have the prayerful support of watchful saints of God. I have been on an intense search for His new purposes for my life, but seem to still be without employment and friendship or fellowship.

I do not understand, but I sense that my prayers may be hindered.

Your prayers always seem to be in line with what I most deeply desire and I sense that God is raising up a powerful body of believers from all walks of life whenever I get your emails in my email address.

This is why I am compelled to write to ask for the mercies of God, that you would pray for me. The prayers of a righteous man avail much...

In all this I rejoice in Christ, but I still seek to know why these things have happened...

I lost ALL of my belongs on Friday to a storage auction on Friday. Despite the fact that I had the money to pay, the card did not go through at the appointed time and my belongings were sold!

I am told that I may be able to RECOVER my things if the auction buyer chooses call me and set a price.

I know this is temporal, but I still believe God cares about us in this way.


Some family and friends have told me to yield to losing my things, but I am jealous for God's glory and would hope that HE would show Himself strong on my behalf or at least reveal to me the cause of these consequtive losses!

The secret things belong to God, but it is the GLORY of kings to SEEK out A MATTER. I believe that HE has made us a Nation of Kings and Priest to offer up SPIRITUAL SACRIFICES to the LIVING GOD and that they that seek the LORD understand all things! Sometimes we still need to press and inquire and recover.

I feel that the enemy has come to steal kill and destroy in my life and I am desperately looking for covering and RECOVERY under the shadow of HIS Mighty wings.

This is very painful, and my hands tremble even as I type, yet I press to see God reveal and recover.

Please Lift this prayer up with me, Oh saints of God!


I thank - you father that you have revealed this things unto Babes!

May His name be glorife

Walk in Love