Prayer Thread for Temporal needs

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In this area, we pray for all things that we need to sustain our life in a proper manner for our families to be nourished and safe. We pray for our employment - if we are looking for something better to improve our fiances. We pray for our education, in the purchase of a new home or car or even how we will afford braces and the many other things that a family would need.

We pray to be kept from natural disasters and for those who are suffering from them. We pray for the poor, the hungry - that they may be comforted. Place your prayers here with true faith - the Lord knows what you need.

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We will prayer for you and your husband,and to let you know that you know that your right there are many blessings through trials,I can say for my self that I've unemployed now for a couple of months now,and God has used this time to get get me really entrenched into His word and prayer:He has brought me leaps and bounds in our relationship.So I pray that the Father will use this time to bring you and your husband into a much more deeper relationship with Him.After all that's what it's all about.May God bless you and enrich your life's.In the blessed name of "Yeshua" Jesus The Christ I pray Amen.