Prayer Thread for Temporal needs

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In this area, we pray for all things that we need to sustain our life in a proper manner for our families to be nourished and safe. We pray for our employment - if we are looking for something better to improve our fiances. We pray for our education, in the purchase of a new home or car or even how we will afford braces and the many other things that a family would need.

We pray to be kept from natural disasters and for those who are suffering from them. We pray for the poor, the hungry - that they may be comforted. Place your prayers here with true faith - the Lord knows what you need.

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Prayer Request

I request all the prayer warriers to pray for my following needs.

I am presently working in Saudi Arabia. I need a stable job.
Need Gods help to bring my family over here.
I need to grow in faith, I often forget the wonders Jesus has done to me and go the worldly way.

Thank you every body and may Jesus bless you all.