Prayers Warriors and the Prayers of the Faithful

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Hello to all-

This is a group that is vital to the Christian life. This is a group of God’s saints that pray for the good and necessities of all. This is a non-denominational prayer group. It is not only that but it is a group where one can come to and give God praise and thanks. Many are moved to praise and glorify, to acknowledge dependence, to worship and adore. In them, we might find words that will inspire us and fill us with love for Our Creator and Lord.

Many prayers may help us to build up a manner of being able to speak to God without fear and in love as to the One who loves us the most.

What then is prayer? Clearly, it is not just a feeling, not a mood. It is so much more. It involves the whole being of the person. It is the classic definition of the lifting of the mind and heart to God. It is when God and the soul are like two pieces of wax melted into one. Prayer is being to the spiritual life what breathing is like to the physical life.

If you are a prayerful person, then this group is for you, to find better ways to express what is in your heart, what at times, cannot be fully expressed in words. If you are here because of curiosity, then you may be moved by something here that may help you find further union with God.

The Gospels often mention that Jesus drew aside to pray. In the garden, His whole being became immersed in prayer. Reflecting on this scene, consider the words of Thomas Merton:

“Prayer and sacrifice work together; where there is no sacrifice, there will eventually turn out to be no prayer and vice versa. When sacrifice is an infantile self-dramatization, prayer will also be false an operatic self-display, or maudlin self-pitying introspection. Serious and humble prayer, united with mature love, will unconsciously and spontaneously manifest itself in a habitual spirit of sacrifice and concern for others that is unfailingly generous, though perhaps we may not be aware of the fact”.

I invite all prayer warriors to join the group and help us pray for all in need. It is so necessary and the Lord did beckoned us to do so. May He bless us all!

Maria Smith
CCEL Hostess

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Prayers for Sickness and Suffering

When sickness strikes, it uproots us from our everyday life and our customary work schedule and makes us experience solitude and dependence on others as well as realizing how fragile is the character of life. We are called to live this event too in faith.

Many times, Our Lord does not free us from illness but He does something greater. He give meaning to suffering and He opens our hearts to hope. It can pave the way to a greater relationship with God.

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Prayer Thread for Temporal needs

In this area, we pray for all things that we need to sustain our life in a proper manner for our families to be nourished and safe. We pray for our employment - if we are looking for something better to improve our fiances. We pray for our education, in the purchase of a new home or car or even how we will afford braces and the many other things that a family would need.

We pray to be kept from natural disasters and for those who are suffering from them. We pray for the poor, the hungry - that they may be comforted. Place your prayers here with true faith - the Lord knows what you need.

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