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Unity and Diversity Quote

Those "words of wisdom" are the result of more than one time I was stunned at how a conversation suddenly turned hostile when I was unaware of my emotional level. It may be sound advice, but unfortunately, it isn't easy to actually put it into practice. We have to learn what issues are "hot" with us. We might be surprised sometimes, to find some issues more emotionally important to us than we would have expected before they were challenged.

There's an idea of "picking our fights." That means, choosing what we'll fight about. The idea, in conflict management and child rearing and so forth, is, we need to decide what issues need to be engaged in now, and what ones aren't appropriate for the given setting, or what ones we need to be better prepared for before we "engage."

In my mind, over all these discussions where Christians have differences, is the image of Jesus praying, on the night He was to be betrayed, that we would all be one. With what He had to face, the fact that it was "on His mind" to pray about it then, makes Christian unity - being one in the spirit - more important to me than - important as it also is - right doctrine and practice.

Bill B.