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Please introduce yourself here and give us some idea of what you hope to gain from this study.

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E. Stanley Jones: Unity and Diversity

Thank you, Mark. I think we learn more from those we don't agree with than from those who do, and I think that everyone is sincerely seeking the truth. Whether they feel that they can be frank and open in their expression of truth as they perceive it is a matter of the social environment they find themselves in. I worry about leaving the door open for error and deception if there's not something, church authority or a creed for example, to keep the discussion on course. I don't have an answer for that except that if everyone's sincerely seeking the truth and where two or more are gathered Christ is there, we'll work out what's right eventually.

A writer acquaintance of mine, a long time ago, made the comment that writing clears our thinking. I've found that to be true. When we're just thinking, our thoughts wander, but expressing our thoughts forces us to keep focused. Well, to an extent. We can still ramble if we don't keep a main point in mind.

Unfortunately, the mere fact of trying to put our thoughts in writing doesn't automatically make them clear. What I was trying to do with my previous posting was make a brief statement suggesting an attitude toward differences of opinion that would encourage open discussion and avoid the unfortunate conflicts that sometimes arise in religious or political discussions. I'm glad it prompted Mark to make his comments, his is a clearer statement of the ideal environment for this kind of discussion.

Bill B.