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Please introduce yourself here and give us some idea of what you hope to gain from this study.

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Better late than never?


Have been a member of the CCEL for a while, unaware of such study groups until this latest news letter. I joined to download The Cloud of Unknowing. I had plans to read other classics of the Christian Mystical tradition.

I have been long interested in religion (as truth), if only as a rebellious despiser of what I saw as the platitudes and false security of 'faith.'

It was not until I attended university (to read Philosophy), that I by accident met and talked with people who studied the great traditions of Mystical thought in the 'opposing' camp - the Religious Studies department. I was greatly impressed with what I saw and heard; I found Mysticism here to be so vital, profound and wise beyond most of anything else I had encountered in Philosophy or the Social Sciences.

I am joining this group because I am now faced with the challenge of trying to figure out what I think God is, in the hope of building some kind of relationship therewith (herewith?). I find that despite having various conceptions of God that I have absorbed from various texts, I have never really had to figure out what I thought about it; I have long been confused about a personal relationship with God, about working for God. I am not sure if I have formed any definite ideas about it.

Perhaps, this kind of study can help in the light of my question. Or, is it that the question be helped in light of this study?

I look forward to catching up with you all at some point, (probably by the next book!)