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Please introduce yourself here and give us some idea of what you hope to gain from this study.

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My name is Sarah and I've always felt like there was something beyond church. It's heard to put into words. To me God is everywhere and in everything, the rocks, the mountains, the rain, the leaves on a tree, the stars at night, the sunrise and sunset, the wind in my hair. How could it not be so when he created it all? So how could we, his creation, be so cruel, destructive, uncaring? Part of the reason, I believe (and not popularly) is because of the church dogmas and their strictures. So I looked into the earth based religions, which left me feeling uncomfortable and lacking because I still believed in God and Christ. I was on an empath forum when someone posted about Christian mysticism. I thought I would find out more. That's why I'm here.

Also, the above is a very abbreviated version of what I've been going through in my search/path.