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The Passover (Easter) Thread: On the resurrection of Jesus

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Put your thoughts, memories and stories of Passover here. For the secular/pagan discussion of Easter please use the Easter Bunny thread.

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RE: JESUS real FATHER being in Heaven

Brother Patrick,

G-d's Blessing on you and your Revelation!

Yes, Jesus/Yeshua is our Passover Lamb!

I Celebrate The Victory He presented with His Resurrection from Death and the Grave and Who stands at The Father's right hand as our High Priest, after The Order of Melchisedek!

Yes my brother Patrick, I also believe Yeshua/Jesus is The Christ/The Messiah of The Jews! Not all Jews are aware of this most important fact in our History. Most Jews have missed The Promised Lamb of G-d, Who is their Passover Lamb who they Eat His Body and Drink His Blood as The Meal, without understand Who The Lamb of G-d Is that they are Celebrating at Passover each year!

Yes! I too am also a Mystic and understand The Celebration of The Eucharist/The Communion of The Saints, The Passover Lamb of G-d that is The Meal that is eaten. The Celebration of the Drinking of Jesus Blood and the Eating of His Body. I will do this till He Comes again in Glory, Majesty and in The Power of G-d's Love, Mercy and Grace as The Political Messiah of The Jews!

At that time in The History of The Earth, Yeshua/Jesus will assume The Seat of King David's Throne as his Scone and as his L-rd, Elohim, as The King of kings and The L-rd of lords.

Shalom, Lee...