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The Passover (Easter) Thread: On the resurrection of Jesus

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Put your thoughts, memories and stories of Passover here. For the secular/pagan discussion of Easter please use the Easter Bunny thread.

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Beemanlee, As far as the Jews


As far as the Jews and the Church are concerned ... we come from them ... but we being the fulfillment of them ... they getting it wrong at the end ... which CHRIST tried HIS best to explain to them ... before they and we all killing the CHRIST.

CHRIST is the Lamb that we each and all killed and Whose Body and Blood we eat and drink and Whose Blood is our Eternal Salvation if we Believe in and Follow HIM.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the 'Making Present' on our Altars on earth and in our present time the Eternally Slain Lamb Who even now is Standing upon the Altar in Heaven, HE standing on the Altar as if Slain ... and by means of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass CHRIST bringing the Eternal ongoing Reality of HIS Perpetual Sacrifice into each and every moment of our ongoing time and history ... from now till the end of time.

CHRIST, through HIS Priests and Church, is continuously 'Making HIS Eternal and one time historical Holy Sacrifice 'Present' for all of HIS Children and Body of Believers throughout history ... HE doing this on earth through HIS Priests and Church while HE HIMSELF is continuously Standing before HIS FATHER and our FATHER, HE Standing on the Altar in Heaven as if Slain ... HE still even now bearing the marks of HIS one-time-only-in-history Crucifixion.

Even though even many Catholics today do not seem to realize this Truth and Mystical and Sacramental Reality, others do. This is the Mystery of the Eucharist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

This is the fulfillment of what the Jewish Faith and Practice only pointed toward.

The understanding of these Truths of Catholic Faith comes and goes throughout time and circumstance of history. But it is Truth and Reality. It is the Sprit and Truth found in the Sacramental and Holy Catholic Faith and Practice.

If you Love the Jewish Faith and Practice, as you should, then you should also Love the Sacrament which is the Mystical Body of CHRIST on earth and which practices the Faith which HE Left the the Apostles to go forth and establish and Teach to the ends of the earth and to the end of time, the gates of hell not prevailing against Her ... though it may seem that she be slain one day ... Like Her LORD and Master ... She will always have Easter Sunday.

When the Bible says that Truth will be cast down ... a big part of the Truth of that statement is that the Church, which is the Pillar and Foundation of the Truth according to Sacred Scripture, being rejected and cast down and set aside and deserted by her own members and by others ... which has occurred from time to time throughout history.

But the Church in Her Faith never wavers, even if She is crucified by those outside Her or by those inside Her ... She always remains Faithful to the Truths which CHRIST gave to Her and entrusted to Her Priests and to Her Vicar on earth, Peter, in order for Her to deliver to us all the Holy Truth WHO is JESUS CHRIST, Peter confirming us in this Faith and guiding us in this Practice throughout time ... as our Spiritual Foster Father ... much Like Joseph did for CHRIST, though Joseph being in reality a Foster Father, though legal Father, of JESUS ... and JESUS real FATHER being in Heaven.

Individually, members of the Church and Priesthood can go astray. But the Church Herself ... never.

I know many don't Believe as do I. So be it. Thanks for allowing me to say this.

GOD Bless us all.