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The Passover (Easter) Thread: On the resurrection of Jesus

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Put your thoughts, memories and stories of Passover here. For the secular/pagan discussion of Easter please use the Easter Bunny thread.

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The Passover

Sister Stacy,

I believe that Christianity today is missing this Jewish Understanding of How Powerful The Passover Lamb really IS, and how we should also be remembering this Hebrew Feast as well today!

This is a Hebrew Feast that remembers The Blood and The Body of G-d's Perfect Lamb, by eating and drinking The Passover Meal together, we also should remember the first Passover Story from Egypt. This Passover Meal is to be represented as the ultimate sacrifice of The Perfect Lamb of G-d, that IS G-d's Provision, and it IS a part of G-d's Plan for our Salvation, that G-d Made for His Created Creatures for all of the times through out The History of Faith.

This was The Meal that Saved and that gave New Life to all of The Slaves that were held in Bondage under The Egyptian Pharaoh. That is, Every Slave was set Free from their Bondage. G-d Promised every person who was held in Bondage, would be Saved or Freed from their Bondage in Egypt, by The Death Angle, when they preformed the act of doing as G-d so required and desired of them to do that afternoon in Egypt, before the sunset in the West.

There is so many Parallels here that we fail to remember just what G-d was doing symbolically with His Words, to The Slaves held in Bondage in Egypt.

Today this is still not understood, as most Christians do not understand what is the meaning of The Hebrew Passover Feast.

Jesus was a Jew that did kept The Feast and did celebrated The Passover Meal!

How we have missed this very important event of The Passover Lamb of G-d in our History, as something we must really try to remember and Value, as The Price Jesus chose to Provide for His Sheep. Before The Foundations of The Worlds were ever laid down in space, Christ shed His Precious Blood to cover us and our sin by trusting Him.

Yes, we Celebrate Communion/Eucharistic, but do we remember that our Christ and Messiah is G-d's Perfect Lamb and our Provision, even now, and today?

Shalom, Lee...